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Russian scientists have discovered the largest black holes in the cosmic galaxy that could be the gateway to distant parts of the universe.

A team published by Sputnik, according to the Oxford Academy website, indicated that the spacecraft could theoretically pass through these gates or worms, which would not allow a large number of radiation crews to survive.

Black holes have a strong gravitational pull, but researchers note that there is no outlet for another phase of the universe.

One of the authors of the work, physicist Mikhail Piotrovich, said that scientists have made little progress in studying wormholes.

The closest object to these “wormholes” is located 13 million light-years from Earth, which has not yet reached humans.

These wormholes emit “gamma” rays as a result of streams accumulating within the wormholes, so this radiation has a characteristic spectrum that differs greatly from the aggression disks of that jet or active galaxy..

In 1935, the scientist Albert Einstein and his student Rosen redesigned a concept for this topic, and they proposed a “bridge” that connects two distant points in time and space, which theoretically allow a gap between two holes and one white. “Einstein-Rosen Bridges”, then “Wormholes”.

Wormholes are said to be tunnels connecting two distant places in a curved space according to the theory of relativity, which may actually be and travel through them.


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