Director Elton Ring talks about the difficulty of Shadow of the Earthtree

If you're looking for new challenges, Shadow of the Earthtree will push your limits

One of the talking points soul lovers usually have is their difficulty and of course, Elton Ring is no different. Tomorrow marks the game's first DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, which, in case you didn't know, has become the highest-rated expansion in history. Of course, the new Shadowlands bring with them some tough bosses, too has come under criticism In some places. Now Miyazaki has spoken on this topic.

Despite its characteristic difficulty, Elton Ring has been a success since its launch, in fact it has already sold 25 million copies and won the album of the year award at the time of its release. It's clear that FromSoftware knows how to create new experiences for users. If you're a fan of these titles and haven't yet dared to jump into the magical and vast world that this game offers, Give him a chance Because Elton Ring is already considered one of the best games.

Earthtree's shadow wants to take you further

This new information was revealed through an interview given by Miyazaki CNET. He commented there that some of the bosses in the new Elton Ring content are designed to take the more experienced players of this style of play a little further. Push yourself to the limit. This affects some bosses, not all, and the optional bosses are usually designed to push you to the limit, in which Earthtree's Shadow has already warned you can get you into trouble.

Of course, some bosses are a necessary part of the development and story arc, but others are not. The ones that aren't are particularly difficult, and I think they can be a great challenge and obstacle for players. I mean, we've really pushed the limits of what we think the player can handle.

There will be 10 new bosses in the game, and those that aren't essential to the story will come ready Gives you the most complicated moments. Let's see what the response is from players as they experience all of this content. This time, it's clear that critics loved it, and as we told you at the beginning of the news, Shadow of the Earthtree is the highest-rated expansion in history. Something truly incredible.

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