Waste less time with the new Netflix “My List” section

No.etflix How “My List” works is a section of the site where users can Add series, save movies, documentaries and other specials to watch later. Now it’s easy to figure out what to watch, what’s on this list.

New section "My list" From Netflix with more premium categories

Picture: Netflix

The “My List” idea is pretty simple, and all streaming platforms have something similar. The problem is that the average Netflix user can spend several minutes browsing the service’s list and, in many cases, adding things to that list, which basically translates to Throw a series Or a movie for a black hole, in many cases we don’t even remember what we added, or worse, we don’t remember that they were there (I agree).

Netflix Updated “My List” contains sections that allow users to view items in this list by category. For example, “Series”, “Movies”, “I haven’t started watching them” and “I’ve already started watching” or sort alphabetically. In this way, it will be easier to find a series that catches your attention, but you don’t even remember its name, for example, and in general, spend less time on what to watch. platform.

Other services, such as Prime Video, split a user’s “list” (although it has a different name on that platform) into two separate lists: TV shows and movies. The idea of ​​Netflix offers even more options, the question is: will it finally help us watch content faster, or will we add more things, but this time more ordered?

The new Netflix catalog is now available on Android. iOS users will get an updated Netflix catalog in the coming weeks.

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