Diego Valdus throws an anger and confronts Almada; DT justifies it

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Attitude of Diego Valdes In the fight Santos In view FC Jurassic Gave something to talk about, causing the Chilean player to get angry because he was his coach Guillermo Almada He took it out of the exchange and faced the pool bench Helsman in the middle of the game.

It was 74 minutes when Almada decided to make an introduction with reinforcement Alessio da Cruz, Who will take the second target at the time of compensation; It was Valdas who sacrificed to give him minutes.

Before Diego kicked the bench and sat on the bed, he took a boat and threw it with great fury, just then Almada came to calm him down and the player confronted him.

DT justified it

At a press conference, Almada questioned what had happened to Valds and justified it, while insisting that he did not want to start in public.

“Diego understands the thing, I wanted to keep playing, I went to clarify, I did not like it more than the wind, I gave him an opinion that he should give, he accepted it … I am a football player, I understand it, you have to control it, You will not come out happy when you go out, I do not want you to go out happy, questions you need to talk about internally “.

“I don’t want players to get angry. I don’t like to leave loose ends. He’s a great person, he’s a very important player to us. He makes us grow a lot when he inspires,” he said.

As such, he explained it Eduardo Aguirre He will be examined because he looks like an ankle sprain.

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