Diego Golombek presents in Rosario “The Science of (Good) Ideas”

he Saturday 10 June PhD in Biological Sciences, teacher and researcher at Conicet Diego Golombek He will present his new book in Rosario: “The Science of (Good) Ideas”, published by Siglo XXI Editores. The author will meet with the readers at 11, in the Homo Sapiens Library, Sarmiento 829.

Is there a science of ideas? This book is an emotional and documented “YES!” To this question, which goes one step further. There is a science to good ideasthose that solve problems and open unprecedented paths, essential science not only for the laboratory but for everyday life and also for those companies and projects looking for the innovation that today is part of all successful development.

In summary, The science of creativityBecause thoughts do not come from fairies, or from sudden and wonderful reflections or inspirations, but from that tangle of neurons, nurture, circuits and experience that we as human beings have. Science has come a long way in identifying some of the rules of creative thinking that are predictable, and why they can’t be trained.

Diego Golombek uses psychology, neuroscience, economics, philosophy and artificial intelligence side by side and shows us, in a few words, that famous “Eureka moments” – Existing, of course – usually the result of years of work on a topic.

Along these lines, the book is a gateway to what makes us deeply human. Understanding Thoughts is a peek into the magic of thought.

In the author’s words: “This collection of popular science is written by scholars who believe it is time to get their heads out of the lab and recount the wonders, grandeur, and misery of the profession. Because that is what it is all about: telling and sharing knowledge that, if kept closed, could become useless.” The flag that barks does not bite. It just shows signs of being ridden.

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