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Origin being she is one from Anonymous bigger SciencesWell, because Magnitude From the same progress in research They are just a small step within this Careers The way is found in which all that dwells Planet Earth It is as we know it yet, but there it is theory that life comes from space.

Until recently a Stady Reinforce this theoryWell even on tape PrometheusBritish director ridley scott, The idea of ​​it sparked DNA Which led to men came from a Human alien That would have led to what we have now house On board A Space shipalthough she is not the only one Tape Which deals with the topic.

Does the human race have extraterrestrial origins?

According to this hypothesisOrigin Life on Earth It came from a call Original broth or soup Formed in our planetthe substance with which it is mixed carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, Methane And Ammoniawhich is a mixture with UV led to Amino acidsand he Essential for life As we know it.

It has even been suggested that this fusion It was possible with help Unknown hydrothermal vents In the Deep sea There was talk about A Beam What could have been Be Or it had happened to this soupWhile there was another option Direct collision with an asteroid full of amino acidswhere others were found formed in Interstellar molecular cloudsas explained that Solar system formation.

Carbamic acid, a substance found in interstellar ice

Regarding the latest investigationwhich was published by ACS Central Science journalhe Amino acid Simpler than it is Carbamic acid It was found in Interstellar icewhich was discovered from Chemical reactions Which could have happened in this Icy objects When she was nearby stars And Planets Newly formed.

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The work included participation Ralph Kaiser Subordinate University of Hawaii, Agnes Chang Subordinate National Donghua Hualien University in Taiwanas well as other members of Department of Astronomy, US National Science Foundation And the W. M. Keck Foundation, Who created Models Who is this icewhich contains Ammonia And Carbon Dioxide.

to get resultsboth substances were poured on A Silver substrate It was heated slowly, then through Fourier transform infrared spectrum device Obtains Carbamic acid And Ammonium carbamate It reached -211 and -234 degrees Celsius, respectively, which indicates this Molecules They have the ability to Amino acids become more complex.

Who is this resultsthe Researchers They were able to determine that he said Material It may have been formed during The first and coldest stages of star formationand then with Warmer temperatureswhich can be compared to those produced by A Newly formed starThere was a possibility that two Carbamic acid molecules They came together to form A The gas is stableSo hypothesis That you are Molecules Join raw materials Subordinate Solar systems To be finally transported to Earth by Kites also Meteorites.

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