Díaz-Canel thanks Cuban musician Candido Fabre for his “harmony”

Cuban ruler Miguel Díaz-Canel celebrated the 30th anniversary of the founding of “Candido Fabre and his band” and thanked the musician for his “solidarity” with the regime.

“Congratulations, dear Candido Fabre, it’s been 30 years of bringing joy to our people. Thank you for your music and your harmony. A hug,” President X previously posted on Twitter.

The Cuban Institute of Music marked the establishment of the most famous orchestra in the east of the island.

The famous artist has been a staunch defender of the Cuban regime throughout his artistic career, although in the past year he has not stopped expressing his displeasure with the country’s pricing policy, expulsion policy and abuses of the Musical Recordings and Editions Company. (EGREM).

In June he announced that the San Luis Ministry of Agriculture had “fired” him The land he acquired by right of his parents in Santiago de Cuba.

In a Facebook livestream, the artist said he received a notification from the government agency that the land now belongs to another owner because he does not have his biological father’s last name.

Also filed a complaint EGREM He regretted his departure in February after disapproving of a plan he proposed to promote Cuban music Outside the Salsa Festival In Havana because, according to him, “he sang to Fidel Castro.”

After that, his questions about the inflated prices of food on the island are repeated; But he always qualified his speech with a pro-regime rationale.

A Cuban internet user identifying himself as Taro reminded Díaz-Canel of the “regime’s incompatibility” with its artists and asked him if “prices have already fallen in the city of Candido”; “They will no longer take Candido’s electricity” and “they have already returned the lands to Candido.”

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