Dias-Colonel on the eve of the end of the year in Cuba: ‘We have a critical deficit situation’

Miguel Diaz-Connell recognized that the country goes through “s”Complex situation Lack During the meeting with the top officials of the Communist Party of Cuba and the government, considering the celebrations organized for the end of the year, The state press has published the news Granma.

However, Governor We look forward to opening 2022; We are going to happily open the year 2022, ”he said. We can recover based on what we have achieved and what we have planned. “.

Despite the toughness, Díaz-Canel confirmed The economic crisis And the health care that Cuba will carry out from 2020, “there are enough political motives, enough experience of a difficult year. Celebrate the New Year of Victory with the idea of ​​victory. “.

It is true that we have a complex deficit situationBut imagine what we would be like if we did not successfully confront the enemy’s plans. He further added that today there are people who are sad, frustrated and hopeless.

Although he did not announce specific activities to be carried out by the end of this year, the president insisted that repairs be made in poor areas. 11 J Resistance, As well as Increase prices and lower prices “, Removed after sorting task.

“We are going to the 63rd anniversary of a revolution that, at age 63, is a young revolution and will continue to be young,” Diaz-Colonel said. Centered on celebration in remembrance Politics.

At the meeting, they also spoke Health condition de la Isla, Díaz-Canel praised the control of the epidemic in Mayapeque, When caring For the Isle of Youth panorama, Cases have been reported every day of the last week.

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But, more than Govit-19, The Cuban people are concerned about the food and medicine situation, Which is in short supply in the country throughout 2021 Their prices have gone up.

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