Colombia describes Maduro’s statements on the regularization of Venezuelan immigrants as “absurd”

(CNN Espasol) – Colombia rejected statements made by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro this Wednesday and described them as “absurd.” Venezuelan immigrants were granted Colombian protection a few days ago It’s a “clown.”

“Based on his speech, the illegal and criminal regime of Nicolas Maduro reaffirms its indifferent and brutal approach to the extreme humanitarian, economic, political and social reality that afflicts the Venezuelan people,” the Colombian government said in a statement. “The provisional law to protect immigrants reflects a commitment to support the reconstruction of the life plans of our Venezuelan brothers who have been forced to flee the country of Colombia,” the official note added.

Earlier, Maduro had said from Caracas that there were 6 million Colombian immigrants in Venezuela and that they would never need a temporary security agreement.

“They never need a clown who invented the duck to wash his face with his fierce aggression against the Venezuelan people,” he told a news conference from the Miraflores Palace. “Six million Colombians have full rights to health, education, housing, work and political freedom; many of them have completed years of nationalization as Venezuela and have dual nationalities,” he said.

Duke: Regularizing Venezuela will help against Govt-19 2:07

On February 8, Colombian President Ivan Duke announced the creation of a temporary protection law that would regulate the situation of tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants in Venezuela for up to 10 years. The measure only applies to Venezuelans who arrived on the Colombian border before January 31, 2021.

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In an interview with CNNThere are currently about 1.8 million Venezuelan immigrants in Colombia, about 800,000 of whom have been formalized, Duke said.

The president said the other millions already in Colombia were “in a very precarious position: they did not have the opportunity to open a bank account, they did not have the opportunity to go to the health system on a regular basis.” They have to enter the emergency service, they do not have the opportunity to join the labor force properly, so they end up being abused or subordinated to Colombian workers. ”

It should be noted that many of the Colombian immigrants living in Venezuela were subjected to some form of regulation. There was a “registration” of foreigners in the 1980s, which allowed many to eventually obtain residency and later citizenship.

Many years later, during the government of the late President Hugo Chavez, there were foreign identity activities.

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