Devin Hane defeated George Linares by some shock

‘The Dream’ defeats ‘Golden Boy’ by World Boxing Council’s unanimous decision to retain the lightweight title

American Devin Honey Retained the championship in Las Vegas tonight Approved by the Lightweight World Boxing Council In an entertaining battle against the former Venezuelan world champion George Linnaeus placeholder image, Who persecuted him at times, but not enough to dismiss him.

After 12 episodes, the cards were wanted Honey To 116-112, 115-113 and 116-112, With some justice, as the champion started the battle operations well, until Linares He made an amazing bang in the corner in the tenth inning.

Unable to fully recover Honey, But he could not finish it Linares Who has received countless hugs.

Although the Venezuelan militia is tightly closed, In the end, the victory was similar to that of a young American who passed a real trial by fire, It is necessary to raise your hand for greater potential against Defimo Lopez or Gervonda Davis.

With this conclusion, Honey Advanced to 26-0 with 15 knockouts Linares He remained with 47-6 and 29 knockouts.

In other results, Chandelle Cameron Knock out in five rounds Melissa Hernandez Stay with him World Boxing Council Super Middleweight Championship. What else, Jason Quickley Felt through the dots Shane Mosley Jr.., Further Asinga Busil Knock out in eight rounds Martin Ward.

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