Despite this, DJI can sell drones for a while

Despite this, DJI can sell drones for a while

According to a Chinese drone DJI spokesman, the Chinese manufacturer is currently able to continue its sales (for a while), although it is currently facing some issues. But only for a while. This is because the China-headquartered drone manufacturer can no longer buy its parts in the United States.

U.S. DJI was not discouraged by the judiciary’s trade ban. Drone manufacturer TechCrunch told Americans that while the company was on the list to prevent Americans from having business relationships with the Chinese company, Americans could still buy and use DJI products.

A spokesman said DJI was committed to making drones. The U.S. Department of Commerce listed the company because it “allowed widespread human rights abuses” in China, and drones were used to monitor and harass Uyghur Muslims.

It is unclear how long the China-based company will be able to continue its business. Chinese manufacturers will have to turn to other companies for components, and there is no guarantee that US retailers will continue to sell DJI drones, camcorders or other equipment.

But DJI is in a much more favorable position than Hawaii, which has abandoned a lot of things following the US ban. What do you think of this story?

Do you think these actions from the US against the Chinese drone manufacturer DJI are well-established, or do you think they are not very justified? Do you think US citizens will be affected in any way by this decision of the US authorities regarding the Chinese manufacturer?

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