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Dr. David Oliva Uribe, member of the Global Mx Network and CEO of EUMex Connect, highlighted the work of Governor Omar Fayad whom he congratulated for betting on education, science, technology and innovation, that is, to the development of the state, this in his visit to Hidalgo to offer the last module of the Emerging Technologies of the Future program, aimed at young university students.

During the award ceremony for the Program “Incorporation of indigenous women in postgraduate programs for regional strengthening generation 2020 and 2021” and the delivery of support to students who completed the “Specialized Course in Emerging Technologies of the Future, for higher-level students from public institutions in Hidalgo”, Dr. David Oliva highlighted the growth that the state has had in various areas.

“I have had to see, I have been living in Europe for 16 years, in fact I am going for my 17th year, and I have been able to review the progress and development of different European countries, I have had to coordinate 12 innovation centers in different countries of the European Union I have had to work for the commission and when I see the development of the state of Hidalgo, I see a very significant development ”.

He pointed out that Hidalgo has great strengths and In this administration, various projects are promoted that will bring opportunities for young people, as is the case, he said, of the biotechnology business incubator, the planning of the Synchrotron and a Blockchain center, a project in which he collaborates.

In this sense, he pointed out that this Blockchain center will not only represent options for finance, but also will help build state capacities, creating better agribusiness, better traceability objects in health, that is, it will generate development.

Dr. David Oliva also highlighted the work of the Secretary of Public Education of Hidalgo, Atilano Rodríguez Pérez, at the head of the SEPHAs well as the work of the head of the Planning and Prospective Unit, Lamán Carranza, and the general director of the Council of Science, Technology and Innovation of Hidalgo (CITNOVA), José Alonso Huerta Cruz, who, said, have been fundamental in the development of these great projects promoted by Governor Omar Fayad for the benefit of the people of Hidalgo, but they have also provided the youth of the entity with the tools for their professional development.

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