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The Supreme Commander of NATO forces in Europe, US General Todd Walters, showed, Thursday, that the American presence and allies in Romania and the Black Sea region contribute to strengthening regional security, transatlantic relations and the interoperability of the military forces. .
In an online briefing with several journalists, General Wolters referred to the naval and air presence of NATO in the Black Sea region, citing as an example the presence of the destroyers USS Porter and USS Donald Cook of the US Navy in the Black Sea, providing both missions. From Canada and Spain over the territory of Romania and the presence of military drones MQ-9 Reaper at the Kambia Torzi air base, as Kalia Europin wrote, which captured it Romanian world news.
“Recently, especially in the Black Sea region, we have strengthened our maritime position. (…) USS Porter and USS Donald Cook recently conducted multi-dimensional operations with NATO AWACS and P-8 in the Black Sea – a show of how our capability can improve In the airspace, the Air Police missions reinforce collective defense, demonstrating the cohesion of the Alliance and its determination to implement deterrence and defense. Canadian support for the improvement of air police and the current missions of the Spanish Air Force over Romania confirm the transatlantic link. Another great example is the deployment of an aircraft MQ-9 on the Turzii Plain in Romania, which strengthens regional security and improves interoperability again, ”explained in detail Todd Wolters, who last year visited Romania, where he was honored by President Klaus Iohannes.
Walters’ comments came in the context in which the soldiers of Air Force Base 71, “General Emmanuel UNESCO” from Kambia Torzi, Cluj County, visited today, Thursday, the Chargé d’Affairs of the United States of America in Bucharest David Muniz. The 31st Aviano Squadron commander Brigadier General Jason E. Bailey.
The Allied Commander also referred to the importance of the Deveselu anti-ballistic missile system, stressing that the Romanian Aegis Ashore anti-missile facility allows NATO to improve its command and control and deter threats to NATO territory and can be used as a transmission and receiving hub for more information.
He also said that the activities of NATO and the United States in the vicinity of the Black Sea represent the progress of the alliance in its military strategy and the concept of discouraging and defending the Euro-Atlantic region.

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