Defeated Santa Fe Once Against Caldas Expelled from Bed Play League | Colombian Soccer | Bedplay League

Santa Fe knew the need, so he put his best pay in Manichaeus, knowing the results of direct rivals, which was in favor of the Cardinal box. Despite the approach, they were unable to specify options. Once Caldas won 2 to 1, he miraculously left the Lions.

Mejía and Sánchez, who are in charge of opening the court, open the wings or join Velásquez and Osorio, who are in an offensive business. The Cardinal box was clear at the feet of the Dinoles in a good shot from mid-range, but the ball was deflected.

Once Caldas began to put pressure on Santa Fe to exit, considering they started with Torrijano, initially complicating the delivery of the ball. The Lions’ fortunes did not improve, as Sanchez, who left the field due to injury, lost quickly, leading to Pico.

The Manichaeans people started to pick up the ball more and more and little by little they knocked on the door. A corner kick by Perez was stopped at half-time, but Danovi Quinones finished in excellent form with a half-volley, scoring first in Balocrande.

As the Reds began to find places in the field of attack, the process began to change. Jhon Velásquez found a ball, on the edge of the area, took a powerful shot and hit the tie, which gave Santa Fe more life.

The second part the locals wanted to win for the honor and reached near the Castellanos area, which took a title from Mender Garcia. There was no reaction on the part of Santa Fe, and he could not go in search of a second. Mendes’ changes showed the purpose of finding the game with speed.

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When the bands arrived the cardinals began to cheer. Mejia sent a ball past Del Oscaro to Osorio, a powerful shot, but Gonzalez came on as a savior and took the ball out of line.

As the minutes began to pass and Caldas began to go on the attack, he knew that due to the pressure of Santa Fe and their desire to find the target, a win would leave them with clear and direct options to qualify. . But the locals would take advantage of the places left by a group, which changed everything to attack.

Alejandro Garcia, after a poor start by Torrijano, used a ball that reached him in the area, defined at the mercy of Castellanos and Caldens won. The failure left Santa Fe with few options to qualify, as they would require external results, and many more, taking into account the remaining 25 units.

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