Decisive VAR and ‘Rutles’ in the final match become a trend

Whistler Fernando Hernandez had to resort to video arbitration twice and social networks exploded against his work.

பச்சுகா – ‘Rutless’ After a controversial match in the final round of Clausura 2022, it became a major trend on social networks பச்சுகா Y Atlas At Hidalgo Stadium, Fernando Hernandez went VAR To review a criminal case in favor of TusosBut the hidalguenses ended up hitting an offside.

At that point the play was delivered in 23 minutes Eric Sanchez Anderson entered the area at the foot of Santamaria and fell on the grass. Fernando Hernandez, the federal judge, listened to the instructions through the head band for a few minutes and then went to the screen. VAR To reconsider the process.

Upon verification of the play, the whistleblower discovered it Romario IbarraPlayer பச்சுகா The man, who was offside, was banned before the game against Santomaria Eric Sanchez And before the claims of the local team players, Ecuador chose to allow the country to improve.

Philip Ramos RissoReferee Analyst ESPNImmediately Anderson posted a comment about the play between Santamaria and Eric Sanchez. “It simply came to our notice then பச்சுகா”, He wrote on his social media sites.

With the concept of Philip Ramos RissoUsers Twitter Led to the main trend ‘Rutles‘, Because they thought a penalty should have been allowed in favor of Pacquiao, and the team had a chance to win 2-2 overall.

The arbitral tribunal returned to the final part of the first part. At 43 ‘, Jose Abella took a shot into the penalty area. பச்சுகா, But hit the hand of Daniel Azews. Fernando Hernandez went there again VAR To reconsider the move, but this time he converted a penalty by Julio Furch to make it 1-3 overall.

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