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Debate on the proposal to change the rules of the Senate debate is gaining momentum among Democrats White House But now they fear that the Republican opposition will abuse unrestricted tactics to impede the advancement of legislative priorities Joe Biden.

The rules take on extraordinary significance during this two-year legislature, in which the Senate is divided into two benches of 50 members each. Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris His ability to preside over the Senate reflects decisive votes.

After Democrats won the $ 1.9 trillion economic stimulus package without a Republican vote, Biden spoke for the first time this week about reform of the rules of the debate, and wanted full oral intervention for senators who decide to oppose a bill. When he came to the Senate in the 1970s.

The President justified the need for this reform because at present senators can personally oppose bills and not express or argue it publicly, which reduces the agility of the legislative process.

“The point is coming to the point where democracy can be difficult to operate,” Biden said.

Here’s how Filipustering works and what the discussion is about:

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