Deadpool and Wolverine First Reviews: 'On par with The Avengers'

The A new Marvel Studios movie,'Deadpool and Wolverine' is just around the corner, so now that they're on a media tour, it's getting out a little bit Details and leaks About the plot of this long awaited film.

Acting film Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds Like standing paints One of the highest grossing films of recent years and recently screened 40 minutes to Shanghai, Participants have already been able to share a little about the experience and reveal some spoilers.

If you do not want to hear about news or rumors arising from this Fan screeningCome back after watching the film, but if you can't contain your excitement, here's everything that was leaked.

What are the first reviews of Deadpool and Wolverine?

As a result of this project, we were able to learn through Reddit forumsDeadpool and Wolverine “will be a very violent and very funny movie, with great action sequences, a great soundtrack and lots of visuals. Deep emotion“.

Although it does not reveal much, it is known that it is shown Trailers This is only part of that 40-minute film shared with the public.


At the same time, some weighty cameos are being talked about in the film Various versions of LoganA A female version of Deadpool It stars Blake Lively, wife of Ryan Reynolds, and fights Hulk and Wolverine.

Expected to be Multiple appearances by Fox's X-Men charactersA number of Avengers were “pruned” in the Void, becoming part of the Resistance Cassandra NoahThe villain of the film.

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When is Deadpool and Wolverine released?

The most anticipated film of the year, which could have as big an impact as what we saw with Avengers: Endgame closing in on Avengers: Endgame. It will hit theaters on July 25.

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