Irina Beva and Gabriel Soto show their love for networks

Irina Beva And Gabriel Soto As a result, they have been in the eye of the hurricane for a long time Rumors who ran into breaks down The relationship between the two celebrities and some allegations Treachery By actor. This is Controversy The Russian actress was brought up in the second half of last year when she visited her family in her native country, so speculations about Separation They gained more strength. All this added up to a long time No disseminated Photographs Where couple Board.

Irina Beva shared this romantic photo with Gabriel Soto.

The reality is that it will start in 2023 A couple They allow themselves to be seen too much ContinuityAnd this time they shared through theirs Social websitesA moment Romanticism Lived on a recent trip to the Mexican coast Port of Vallarta Inside JaliscoThey spent a few days in peace.


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