DCC awarded the winners of the Science Publishing – Universe – UV News System competition

  • Teachers, researchers and students from the University of Veracruzana participated in the competition.
  • Its goal was to bring scientific knowledge closer to the children’s community, through comic stories that enhance intellectual development and imagination.

The awards were presented by the chairpersons of DGDC and DCC

Carlos Hugo Hermida Rosales

Photos: Cesar Bissell Ramos

10/31/2023, Xalapa, Release- The Directorate of Science Communication (DCC) of the University of Veracruzana (UV) awarded the winners of the 9th University Contest for the Dissemination of Science 2023: Scientia Fabulas, in which teachers, researchers and students of this university participated.

The ceremony was chaired by Alfonso Colorado Hernández, Director General of Cultural Publishing (DGDC), accompanied by María del Socorro Aguilar Cucuracci, President of DCC, and Daniel Hernández Baltazar, Academician of the Institute of Neuroethics and representative of the jury.

The aim of the competition was to enhance the university community’s interest in bringing scientific knowledge closer to the children’s community, through comic stories that enhance intellectual development and imagination.

Fatima Suarez Pérez and Demian Cruz Sanchez, first place winners

First place was won by Fatima Suarez Pérez and Demian Cruz Sanchez, students of the Faculties of Sociology and Fine Arts, respectively, for the text “The Secret of Magical Communication, a Story about Vital Relationships.”

Second place goes to Elias Ramos Hernandez, a student at the Faculty of Psychology, author of the book “The Feeling of Love.”

Finally, Ariadna Rangel Negrín, Pedro Duarte Dias and Mariana Duarte Rangel, the first two from the Neuroscience Institute, took third place with the story “Millie’s Journey.”

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Alfonso Colorado congratulated the authors of the winning stories, which will be published in a book with an editorial registration number, which will allow them to expand their presence to many parts, which is one of the main goals of the publication.

Socorro Aguilar highlighted the importance of the writings, as there is little literature with a scientific approach dedicated to childhood.

He commented that the jury consists of five experts in different fields: scientific publishing, language, and image design.

Elias Ramos Hernandez, a psychology student, took second place

Daniel Hernandez emphasized that the winning texts match their purpose of sharing the message, and beyond spreading knowledge, they convey emotions.

“This competition is a clear example that the youth of Veracruz want to tell stories,” he said.

For their part, the authors talked about the topics covered in their texts.

Fatima Suarez narrated that her story narrates the experiences of a girl upon her arrival in an unknown world, where a magical being becomes her guide and guide regarding the vital relationships that arise between two or more living beings.

She stressed, “Work allowed me to break molds and show that women can have an adventurous spirit.”

In turn, Elias Ramos indicated that writing his script was a great challenge from the beginning, as he set out to narrate a complex problem whose solution was only in the hands of the protagonist.

The young man mentioned that he used many colors and specific lines in his story, because he wanted to make it in the style of comic books.

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Finally, Ariadna Rangel commented that her writing was a summer project, where participants were able to portray the life of an endangered species.

Pedro Duarte Dias, Ariadna Rangel Negrin, and Mariana Duarte Rangel, authors of the story that won third place

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