Daniela Barra on Ginny Hoffman: “If you want to pay behind the bars, I have no problem” | News from Mexico

Mexico City.-Daniela Para, Daughter Hector “My”, After being condemned by his media, continues to show all support for the actor Sister Alexa For sexual abuse.

The young woman did not hesitate to express her dissatisfaction Ginny Hoffman, Mother Alexa, During his interview with the Hoi project, he revealed regardless:

I do not forgive her for going out crying and playing victim, I will never forgive her, I will never forgive her, if she has to pay behind the bars, I have no problem ”.

Send a message to Sergio Mayor

On the other hand, Daniela also sent a strong message Sergio Meyer, Who supported Ginny and Alexa In this controversial case, the young woman responded when she heard that the politician had reduced Hector’s defense to a complaint that might be filed against him:

“Don’t hurry, don’t worry, we don’t need to do it now. I think the jurisdiction will be over in 15 days or two. We’ll see each other there.”

Thus, Daniela Para He vowed to continue to use all his resources to protect and release his father, who was arrested and transferred outside his home after June 15. Eastern Prison.

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