Daniel Ortega’s regime grants Nicaraguan nationality to Sanchez Seron and his family

Former President Salvador Sanchez Seron, who currently holds an arrest warrant in the country, was nationalized yesterday by the Director General of Migration and Foreigners of Nicaragua.

Salvador Sanchez Seron and his family have been nationalized in Nicaragua under the rule of Daniel Ortega, as confirmed in today’s edition of the official state newspaper La Cassetta.

According to the 2021-02601 register, the former Salvadoran president and his family members were nationalized yesterday by Juan Emilio Rivas Benitez, director of migration and immigration at the Interior Ministry.

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In the certificate Sanchez Seron may be nationalized as “Resident and resident in Managua (…) complies with the requirements and methods established in the Nicaraguan Constitution”.

In addition to the former president, his wife Rosa Margarita Villalda, his daughter Claudia Licette Sanchez Villada and his grandson Juan Carlos Cardo Sanchez were also nationalized.

The Nicaraguan newspaper Confidential reports that in addition to his daughter and grandson, the sons of Salvador Antonio and Claudia Liszt Sanchez Villada, the former president, have also been nationalized. However, their names do not appear in the certificates published in today’s official gazette.

Currently, four former Mauricio Funz government officials have international arrest warrants. Photos Archive / EDH

According to the Salvadoran Attorney’s Office, Sanchez Seron received an irregular bonus of $ 530,000 when he was vice president (2009-2014).

Mauricio Fuens, for his part, was nationalized from Nicaragua exactly two years ago, i.e. on July 30, 2019.

Earlier Wednesday, San Salvador’s Second Peace Court ordered the arrest of Sanchez Seron and four former officers; On the same day, another five former officials (ministers and deputy ministers since the presidency) were sent into custody by the judicial process, which has been questioned by defense lawyers and other social groups who believe the bonus is not illegal. .

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Salvador Sanchez Serன்n was also President of El Salvador from 2014 to 2019.

Other former officials on the international arrest warrant are Jose Lopez Juarez, former Commissioners of Administration (CEPA) and former private secretary to the president Manuel Melker, and former ministers of public works and environment, Jerson Martinez and Lena Bohl, respectively.

Those in temporary custody include former Treasury chief Carlos Caesars, former health minister Violetta Menzier, former deputy ministers Hugo Flores and Erlinda Handel and former FMLN deputy Calico Mejia (2014-2017).

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