Daniel Chavez responds harshly to the archetype with a pink thread

If you know Beautiful Chile model, Daniella Chavez, You know that he usually publishes to catch up with his loyal followers Instagram This time he decided to do it again, but in the form of a response with a strong message Ambassador, The urban-type singer who exposed some of his thoughts on his social networks yesterday and discovered his “real” presence.

That’s right, a whole controversy over this case was unleashed, thanks to the singer’s decision to comment on what the girls are doing Their social networks, Like showing off their beauty, so some celebrities decided to raise their voices, not to be silent, because they are free to upload what they want on their profiles.

Of course Daniella Chavez She could not help, but she could not answer, the boy she was determined, because she decided to leave him with his mouth rather than cover him with the following words: You are far from it! “

“He struggled for years Free expression In any form of women, this guy who has no one to talk to all of them is coming .. I did not tell you anything else because even if he shows a woman, I am a woman, Marano is talking about women hahaha ”, he wrote in his piece Entertainment.

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As you can already read in his own words, Daniel Chavez will continue to fight for freedom of expression for women to be fully respected, and these types of ideas will not feature in this new maturity, which we must all accept.

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You know for sure, an icon that happened recently about Women’s Day, a revolution is taking place in the mind at this time, you should be included because it seeks gender equality in any possible issue, of course social networks are included, so this time we will support our beloved Chilean model and influence, that There is every reason to be upset by style ideas.

The most wonderful thing we have at the moment is freedom of expression, which Danella Chavez may have achieved by this act, calling on other models not to be silent, and the good news she can write is very direct and simple.

Many artists like Arkangal do not understand that we are all the same and we have the right to use our social networks as we like and use any decoration, there should be no problem with that, thanks to which even the young artist Anita commented that they have developed some theories, namely rappers and reggaeton Artists are jealous and they will no longer have the full attention of the public.

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That’s right, a few years ago urban type videos featured many dancers and attracted the attention of many internet users and viewers, however today sites like Instagram were able to attract the attention of women to their profiles, which can be seen they created a kind of jealousy.

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This is somewhat paradoxical, but it is clear that dancers and models cannot be consistently used as objects. This whole issue prompted many users of social networks to exchange their opinions and a conversation was created in which it seems that no one will come to an agreement.

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It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post, but thanks to Daniella Chavez, Anita and many other artists who have raised the issue. Unnoticed, it is hoped that your voice will help raise awareness in some areas.

For now, loyal fans of Daniel Chavez continue to enjoy his beautiful photos, giving him options, commenting as usual, in the form of greetings and thanks, and now as such a strong, brave woman, I have no idea what he did. Stay away from this important movement that happens.

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