Daddy Yankee is calling his “last lap” around the world

Street artist Daddy Yankee looks set to retire from concert tours. This afternoon, through a video-souvenir on social media, he asked in front of the hashtags #LÚltimaVuelta “DaddyYankee #MrSoldOut” “This year 2022 I will be coming to my last round in the world. Which country are you waiting for me?”

The tour was delayed due to the epidemic, so he is expected to travel around the world again in the new year, according to the newspaper’s source, which says goodbye to stage tours. The video shows him in a series of 12 concerts he will give at the Jose Miguel Acrelod Coliseum at the end of 2019.

Daddy Yankee was first mentioned in the “Last Round” last September, and he won the Billboard Hall of Fame Award, becoming the first artist of his genre to receive that award.

“Enjoy my last round of music a lot,” he admitted to television viewers, adding that it took him three decades to bring the talent, hard work and discipline to establish himself as one of the pillars of urban music.

“I always had a vision from the farm house … I never went down … I never paid attention,” was part of what he shared from the podium at the awards ceremony, in which he verbally expressed his respect and admiration. Some of his colleagues were of the urban type.

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