Cubana de Aviación says it is repairing three planes to upgrade its fleet

Officials of Cuba’s national aviation company, Cuba Aviation Corporation SA (CACSA), said through state media. works During these months two long-haul aircraft and another medium will be recovered and added to its fleet.

According to Joel Beltran Archer Santos, president of the company, this process of restoring the national fleet was underway before the pandemic, but

“Experienced delays” due to difficulties associated with the health crisis. He added that these flights should be added to provide service in the second half of the year.

“The process of repositioning the Cuban aviation fleet goes through the production capacities of spare parts, which are adjusted according to international conditions,” explained the official.

Cuban Aviation flights

Archer Santos added that a plane was recently added to operate four flights a week between Havana-Gerona, which had been cut off for several months due to the same defects already mentioned by the company. A flight to Camagüey was also added, with the aim of meeting “some passenger transport needs”.

According to this official, the US embargo does not allow international flights to be leased to other countries, although Cubans use the connections of airlines operating on the island to other domestic flights such as Madrid-Santiago-Havana. In addition to other connections to Holguin and Camaguey.

The official assured that this “contrast” would be widened to achieve higher traffic of national passengers. Internationally, Cubana de Aviación has flights to Spain and Argentina. This last link is his new venture, a stopover from Buenos Aires in the tourist hub of Cayo Coco and a final destination in Havana.

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Where to buy these tickets? From the company they noted that it can be purchased “at the International Sales Office in La Rampa, Cuba, from abroad through, or at the Cubana Office in Buenos Aires on Calle Sarmiento.”

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