Cuban YouTuber Tina Stars Arrested In A Live Interview: “State Security Out, I Have To Go Out” | Univision Latin America News

“Live I hold the government responsible for anything that can happen to me (…) I have to go.” They are the last words youtuber The Cuban Tina Stars cut to a live interview with a Spanish channel on Tuesday.

But, when he was about to start his story, he made signs with his hands for a stop. “There is no state security,” he said in a direct link. “I have to go out,” he added. A few minutes later he went with the officers.

While this was going on, the Facebook page DISAPARECIDOS #SOSCuba was filled Dozens of messages from people condemning the disappearance of a family member or friend After the historic demonstrations last Sunday.

“Like many of our friend (…), he is detained in the 3rd section of the PNR in Camaghey.

List of unknowns rises to over 100, According to a record held by the San Isitro Movement (MSI), which is made up of intellectuals and university students. This time the opposition includes Guillermo Farias and artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcondara, who are also members of the MSI.

The same movement, along with other organizations and the independent media, signed a letter condemning the “Cuban government’s crackdown on civilian protests.” They are the result of a lack of food and health during COVID-19 infections, often with power outages and a lack of personal freedom.

They restrict access to social networks

Data from the London-based NetBlocks team showed malfunctions on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and some Telegram servers since Monday. The government can interfere with access through the state-owned ETECSA mpEmpresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba. According to Netflix, the only mobile communication service is Cubcel.

NetBlocks claimed that some Cubans were able to bypass controls by using virtual private networks or VPNs. The group said the siege was similar to that imposed during the San Isitro movement’s struggle for artistic freedom in Havana in November 2020.

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