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October 6, 2021

Battle Gian Franco Gill

This Wednesday morning, Francis Romero, a journalist who specializes in baseball, reported on his social media networks that the young Antilian prospect Lloyd Rodriguez, the second Cuban player to do so, escaped from the 12 Sub Baseball World Cup-23 held in Mexico.

According to several sources, the receiver from Spirits arrived in the United States last Tuesday, October 5, afternoon, according to the reporter. Later, the same player confirmed that Romero had arrived in the new country and clarified some questions about escaping from the hotel.

Rodriguez explained Exclusive reports to the press It said: I left at 4:35 pm. I jumped from a palm tree and the second floor of the hotel and was picked up by a car waiting for me. In this way, the athlete described how he escaped, trying to achieve a better sport and economic future.

The mask came to the national team as one of the longest-serving players in the domestic championship. During the World Cup and Cuban escaped, he became The second Yaipero player to leave the team After Louis Tony Morales started the big outing, usually the third. On the other hand, he was the second player to come to the United States (it is known). The first was Uber Luis Megias from Santiago.

In the Cuban elite he amassed 205 legal visits to the batting box, of which he won 46; Distributed in eight twins, three and three homers. Also, he drove 31 teammates and had 27 chances, leaving the attacking average.224.

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