Cuban farmer loses entire squash crop

He Pro-government journalist Enrique Tiers A farmer in Madanzas province decried the dire situation of losing his entire pumpkin harvest.

The grower, identified as Carlos, did not sign the contract because his farm was new, which prevented him from selling pumpkins to the collection agency.

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All these omissions were emphasized and debated in the National Assembly, But if we continue this way, we’ll have nothing,” Diers said.

Cuba recalled that the last session of the Cuban Parliament discussed the problem of food production and how bureaucratic obstacles and the inability of leaders to comply with current laws prevent further diversity.

In this situation, it was revealed that 60% of mango production in Havana had been lost, a complaint by members of parliament who questioned the Communist government’s ability to accept food shortages.

For some experts, such as economists Elias Amor and Pedro Monreal, the solution to this crisis is to privatize land, stop government interference in producers’ internal affairs, and give them the freedom to plant what they want.

Establishing plans, goals and obligations hinders production and does not allow the law of supply and demand to be fulfilled; Additionally, regulating prices as a measure to counter inflation increases the deficit.

“They do very little to liberalize the sector and incorporate private intermediaries into self-employment or MSMEs in distribution,” Amor said on his blog. The Cuban Economy.

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