Cuban airports are changing the way they pay for gastronomic services

Cuba Catering SA, which is responsible for providing gastronomic services at all airports in the country, has implemented changes to the last waiting room (SUE) payment method.

According to the company’s Facebook page, from January 27, payments will only be made in euros and Canadian dollars at food outlets located in the SUE of the international terminals.

“For electronic sales, international or national magnetic cards in MLC approved by the Central Bank of Cuba will be used,” the post said.

Cuba Catering insisted that the offer of gastronomic services in the intermediate and outer rooms of airports be maintained in the national currency.

This publication generated a lot of criticism from users before the move to strengthen the value of the national currency against foreign currencies.

“Incredibly, it’s understandable that the country should collect foreign currency, but how is it going to charge in national currency at my country’s international airport? I totally disagree,” said one freelancer.

“At this rate, the Cuban peso will only help to play the monopoly. Ha ha ha, they do not find anything to help the Cubans, everything is looking for dollars,” one Internet user accused.

“In other words, Cubans traveling using their own airports often cannot use their own currency to pay for national products … what a way to mislead our own people,” another questioned.

One person from Santa Clara criticized the practice of offering a change in CUP to customers at Cuban airports, even if the user paid for the product in euros or Canadian dollars, using the exchange rate set by the bank.

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“It’s even worse, when you pay with euros, they give you a change in the CUPs, and if you go back and buy with the same CUPs they gave you, they will not get them,” he said.

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