Cuba announces roster for World Baseball Classic – Swing Complete

By Miguel Guerra

The list of 50 players for the team with four letters in the best event was finally announced in a press conference broadcast live by the Tele Rebelde channel from the Latin American Stadium in the Cuban capital.

Officially, MLB announced January 6 as the deadline to announce the 35-player roster that is considered the “preliminary or preliminary roster” for teams participating in the Classic.

However, as the Federation President commented at the press conference, Cuba was exempted due to the fact that the organizing committee of the event could not manage in time the participation license and authorization for Antillean players who do not live and play in Cuba. Able to represent government organization professionally.

Then, on Tuesday, February 7, the final rosters will be defined with 30 players per country.

Without further ado, we bring you the list provided by the Cuban Baseball Federation.


Andres Perez Garcia (Centers)

Oscar William Valdez Nogueira (Shipworkers)

Yosvani Alarcón Tardío (Farmers)

Rafael Ramon Viñales Alvarez (Farmers)

Lorenzo Quintana Fernandez (Tigres del Lyce)


Ariel Martinez Marrero (Hokkaido Nippon Ham)

Guillermo Aviles Deferno (Farmers)

Barbaro Erisbel Arruebarruena Escalante (Centers)

Luis Vicente Mateo Terry (Centers)

Yadil Mujica Diaz (Centers)

Urisbel Gracial Garcia (Centers)

Dayan Garcia Ortega (Tobacco Manufacturers)

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Pavel Quesada Pedroso (Centers)

Yoan Moncada Oliveira (Chicago White Sox)

Andy Ibanez Velasquez (Detroit Tigers)

Pedro Pablo Revilla Leyva (The Dragons of Zunichi)

Guillermo García García (Dragons of Sunichi)


Raiko Santos Almeida (Olmecs of Tabasco)

Jölkis Gibert Steven (Coffee Farmers)

Royal Santos Martinez (Orange of Hermosillo)

Yadir Drake Dominguez (Yagis de Obregon)

Alfredo Despaigne Rodríguez (Japanese League)

Lazaro Armenderos Arango (Oakland Athletics)

Yoenis Céspedes Milanés (Águilas Cibaeñas)

Louis Robert Moiron (Chicago White Sox)


Yoennis Yera Montalvo (Charros from Jalisco)

Livan Moinelo Pita (Softbank)

Carlos Juan Vieira Alvarez (Sultan of Monterrey)

Reidel Martinez Perez (Tsunichi’s Dragons)

Yariel Rodríguez Yordy (Tsunichi’s Dragons)

Frank Abel Alvarez (Tsunichi’s Dragons)

Naykel Cruz Zaldivar (Centers)

Marlon Vega Natty (Docs)

Javier Mirabal Espinosa (Centers)

Frankin Quintana Gamboa (Tobacco Manufacturers)

Jonathan Carbó Campoalegre (tobacco producers)

Jose Ramon Rodriguez Menendez (Farmers)

Alexander Valiant Rodriguez (Coffee Farmers)

Roberto Enrique Hernandez Navarro (Farmers)

Yeudis Reyes Gamboa (Coffee Farmers)

Pavel Hernandez Bruce (Dockers)

Hermes Gonzalez Leon (Centers)

Dariel Kongora de la Torre (Centers)

Alberto Pablo Civil Hidalgo (Farmers)

Onquis Garcia Spec (Águilas Cibaeñas)

Ronald Bolaños Cotto (Kansas City)

Luis Miguel Romero Mansferol (Oakland Athletics)

Yoan Lopez Leiva (New York Mets)

Elian Leiva Delgado (Hermosillo’s Orange)

Ronis Elias (Águilas Cibaeñas)

Technical Staff:

Armando Johnson Saldivar (Director)

German Mesa (Bank Coach)

Rafael Munoz Medina (Sub 3rd Floor)

Armando Ferrer (1st base assistant)

Pedro Luis Laso Iglesias (Pitching Coach)

Jose Elosegui Sanchez (Pitching Coach)

Humberto Marcos Guevara (Physical Trainer)

Orestes Kindelen (Pitching Coach)

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