Cruz Azul vs Lyon (0-1): Day and goal

The Classic Young This important week should be a watershed Blue CrossHowever, there was that good game behind it Juan Rhinoso Can win United States In which you have to return to what the machine showed Opening in 2021. An own goal by Ignacio Rivero He gave La Fierra the win and three base points to advance to third overall.

Angel Mena He reappeared to beat the team that brought him to Mexico, this time it was not a goal like this in other moments, but it was half an act.AK crucified his former teammates.

A high service from the edge of the area to the right post Crown of Jesus, Omar Fernandes Andres Mosquera is the most recent receiver, but between several legs, Rivero He ended up giving the final push to the bottom of his own net.

Undoubtedly, this night was not so good for Cement, so much less for Rivero, who became a direct access to Esmeraldas. Omar Fernandes, That player who knows exactly Rhinoso.

Without continuity

The machine in the lower part of the court had serious problems, but on the floor they seemed to be much clearer, and without luck, it was a post or Rodolfo Quota, There was always something that did not allow us to celebrate goals in every endeavor.

To make matters worse, once again, the celestial fans gave a sample of their exhaustion and frustration With a homosexual scream Against Rodolfo Kota, the match was suspended for a few minutes.

The first warning with a shot at the start of the second half Like Fernandez To a well-managed center Share With his cast in the background, he gave little excitement to the cement makers. Another danger, with the center Nacho Rivero Not for that either Anglo நி Sandy Kimines They came to push him to the bottom of the nets.

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There was nothing to bring good luck to the locals, and an offensive play entered the area. Orbelin Pineta The ball was received, controlled and shot straight into the hands Share.

Four appearances of homosexual screams forced 11 minutes, in which each follower had a series of shots at the edge of the seat, which was the result of pressure from a team that eventually had common elements.Or Walter Montoya And Lucas Passerini As last transfer options.

The scream of the ball hitting the pole was accompanied by the final whistle. Engine Attempt to start, stopped Fair He finished third with 26 points Blue Cross Sixth place 23. On Sunday they play their last card Poomas.

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