Criticism of Fabian Coyote and Soko Lozano: ‘I don’t care about outside opinion’ – Dice

Fabian Coyote He attended the media before the dedication earlier this Sunday Costa Rica Concoff finished third in the final four.

Selector of Honduras The fight against DiCos makes it clear that it was not easy because of the crucifixion against the Mexican people, they went on until the penalty kick.

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“We talked, we tried to come up with an idea, we tried to move it forward, the game against the United States was left behind. We are fully focused on tomorrow’s game, knowing that it will cause a significant inconvenience. Other types of difficulties will be as difficult as in the previous tournament due to the characteristics of the players, ”he said. Sexual intercourse.

11 on whether there will be changes in the holders Honduras, Everything means yes. Bicolor’s DT responded thus.

“They are good opportunities to watch, because games really show that training or playing on their teams is not the same as playing a match directly from the national team. If there are changes tomorrow, it is not true to change the look, because our goal is to win third place, but some strategy, new legs, Some changes in characteristics, but changes to see or rotate the truth, ”he explained.

In order Sexual intercourse It is important to win third place in this Nations League, but it is also important for Qatar to come up with a good level game in the run-up to 2022.

“We are looking for two things, I think all the teams in the final team should get the best participation, it’s our right to win our team, our first goal is to reach the final, we can not. Achieve, now the goal we have is to win third place. The most difficult game due to the strength of the team that is going to face, of course, is to have a little focus on what September is, watching shows, strategies, coming up with an idea, when September comes it will be a considerable number of games in a few days, it will take some time for us to interact with the players Most importantly, not only do we get a good qualification in this tournament, but before us, I repeat for the Gold Cup and the FIFA date, “said Coyote.

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Is there an injury?

Honduras He is very well physically, so he made it clear Fabian Coyote. Many players have had problems against the United States, but all are available.

“According to the health report, they’re all in order, and of course there are players who have played a very serious game, which is more of a game being played in a city, which puts an extra burden on the players’ physical performance. They are a little more tired, but they are football players because in all leagues Because of the moment we (the epidemic) are there, they play once every three or four days, so they are already ready, they already know that physical vision, their recovery and all the footballers we need to start the game beyond normal fatigue are going to get better, ”he said. Clarifies.

Finally, Coyote spoke about that criticism “Soko” Lozano, Many villains for the target he missed against America.

“It has been criticized, the truth is, I did not notice it because I did not give importance to ideas outside the context of the national team. About him, he is a level footballer, he played at a high level for a long time, what I do not like, as happened at the last conference, you are a football player. When talking about a situation that needs to be criticized, I see it as completely unnecessary, a magazine that should have the ability to analyze any part and especially, when a person only talks about what he sees, he does not analyze, he recreates what he sees, and then the football players zone playing football definition , What are the goalkeepers, defenders and attackers, sometimes we only see it, so the goalkeeper analyzed how bad the goal they scored, how bad the target he missed No, speaking of it as a fan, then I do not hesitate to ask these questions, football is very complicated and I will not think about talking to Anthony because in my opinion he played a great football game and is not a cover or part of the game, it is an area where strikers live together. Time. It’s very good about the mood of the team, “he concluded. Sexual intercourse.

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