He finally won! Mazatlán FC shook off a bad streak and beat Atlas

In the middle of the festival Mazatlan FC Finally he knew success 2024 ends And this Gunboats They took advantage of the offers Atlas to make it 2-0 El Encanto Stadium.

Foxes They were again the same team that started the year with Benat San Jose: they fell apart through lack of discipline and specific errors.

This was the third defeat of the tournament Red and black And this Mazatlan Seizing the moment, he shook off the bad streak and claimed victory.

Atlas It came from beating Santos Laguna and in Pearl of the Pacific It was a tear. A first half that produced no danger in the match goal, coupled with one more dismissal in the fill, produced a performance to be forgotten.

Mazatlan FC was inside Edgar Yoel Barcenas For man of the first half. First he took a free kick which was deflected for a corner kick in the 15th minute and in the 36th minute, Anderson Santamaria He nodded away another shot from the Panamanian and sank another goal knife.

Second half starts, Jordi Caicedo He was one-on-one when he hit the crossbar in the 50' and the next play left the Foxes with 10 men.

Santamaria lost the ball to Luis Amarilla, the Peruvian knocked it down and in the 50th minute he was the last man to the locker room.

With an advantage already in the field, Mazatlan The risk is increased. First Del Breed, then Barcenas And both shots went wide.

Andres Montano He tried in the 60', received from Barcenas and beat him from the side; Four minutes later the jewel didn't fail and made it 1-0 from distance Gunboats In 64'.

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in small ones Atlas It's a shot Alto Rocha A save by Ricardo Gutierrez in the 69th minute marked a tie.

Jair Diaz At 72' he wasn't second, but he saved him Camilo Vargas in line. Gutierrez saved the tie Atlas Diverting a topic Edgar Saldivar 84' And it was fundamental, as the score was 2-0 88'.

Brian Rubio He took advantage of poor athleticism to save the ball inside the area to increase the advantage. Atlas He tried to score, before the whistle blew. Gutierrez Deflected a Chilean to give him the win Mazatlan FC.

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