Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner, Georgina Rodriguez, has tuned in to the rhythm of reggaeton.

Georgina Rodriguez’s sensual twerk to the rhythm of reggaeton

With over 50 million followers on Instagram, Georgina Rodriguez She is one of the most influential models in the world. couple Cristiano Ronaldo She dazzles in each of her releases, usually aiming to show a piece of aesthetic care and intimacy with her partner and the children they share.

The family currently resides in Saudi Arabia as the former Portugal national team striker plays for Al-Nasr Football Club. And from there Georgina shared Instagram stories As it is a very attractive dance, it surprised many people in the last hours Twisting For the first time.

To the tune of “Bobby Chulo… I Bring You The Hmmm” – Absolute Hit Lorna And the model from reggaeton’s first global wave took his first steps in the discipline together. Jack GomezA well-known Colombian-born twerk coach.

Georgina Rodriguez and her first twerk class (Instagram)

Barefoot, wearing tight but baggy gray joggers and a matching top, the model, born in Buenos Aires in 1994, showed herself with skill and passion as she followed her instructor’s every move, encouraging him to improve her choreography. The moment was recorded on his social networks, he defined it as follows: “First class torque”. In turn, Gomez shared the story on her profile and added the caption: “Today I taught this queen.”

In recent weeks, Cristiano and Georgina have been experiencing various rumors about a couple crisis. And After trying to erase all the negative versions through various posts on their social networks, it was the footballer’s mother who came back to support that the couple’s foundation is solid. Maria Dolores dos Santos Aviro.

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While opening a store in Madeira, the mother of the Portuguese spoke to the local press about the matter. “Everything is a lie. “All couples argue, but what is written is a lie,” said Maria. The trip to the Middle East did not end as the former Manchester United player really hoped and from Portugal assured that they would have had a negative impact on their relationship with Argentina. However, the latest signs of the protagonists reveal that this crisis is not the case.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez

The movements the couple chose to refute the theory began with a model uploading a story instagram With an enigmatic legend: “A jealous person invents a rumor, rumors spread it, a fool believes it.” For his part, Cristiano posted a photo on his profile in which he appears to be kissing his partner of seven years during a family meal. “Salud por el amor” was the title chosen by the Portuguese for the film.

One version of their relationship came from a Spanish TV show SocialistIn it they suggested Ronaldo was “fed up” after Georgina spent money at a shopping center in Riyadh. On the other hand, the TikToker Abel Planelles He assured them that they argued aggressively before boarding the plane. In addition, in Portugal, according to the psychologist, they announced that it was a fact that CR7 was “increasingly distant from his family”. Quintino Ayres.

A few days ago, Cristiano dispelled all kinds of rumors with a photo gallery of a special day in Saudi Arabia. “Happy moments with the family!” The Portuguese striker said in his latest publication, where he showed off part of the magnificent mansion he chose to stay in.

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