Cristiano Ronaldo wonders words about his relationship with Messi: “What am I going to say about him?”

Manchester, England.

Far from the controversy that lives with his club, Cristiano Ronaldo Dak surprised again in his extensive interview with journalist Piers Morgan on TV and mentioned Lionel Messi. How is your relationship with the Argentine star?

The Manchester United forward has hailed PSG’s Argentine icon as an “incredible” player who he has “a lot of respect” for and has met on the pitch several times.

“He’s an incredible player. As a person, we’ve been on stage for 16 years. I’m not his friend like the friend you have at your house or talk to on the phone. No, but he’s like a teammate,” he said.

“He’s a guy I respect the way he always talks about me. His wife or my wife, even my girlfriend, is always respectful and from Argentina. What am I going to say about Messi? He’s a great guy who does great things for football,” he added.

Finally, the Portuguese wanted to talk about his retirement, and although the date was clear, he left that possibility up in the air. Cristiano Ronaldo has six months left on his contract at Old Trafford after his return to United in August 2021.

“I want to play two or three more years, maximum. I want to finish at 40, a good age. I don’t know the future. Sometimes you plan something for your life, as I said many times, life changes, you never know what will happen,” he concluded.

Cristiano Ronaldo, like Lionel Messi, is playing in his fifth World Cup and probably his last. The Portuguese is 37 years old, while the Argentine is 35 years old.

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