Crisis in Peru | “Humiliated, out of touch, mistreated and kidnapped”: Pedro Castillo’s first public reaction after being ousted as Peru’s president

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In a series of messages shared on social networks, Pedro Castillo said this Monday that he did not resign as president of Peru and rejected the call for new elections proposed to replace him by President Tina Polvard.

Through his Twitter account, Castillo shared a letter in which he confirmed his presence “Shamed, uncommunicative, mistreated and kidnapped”Detention is mentioned as weighing against him when he is tried for the crime of “rebellion”.

He asked Peruvians not to fall into the “dirty game of new elections”, which he said was a “strategy of Peruvian right-wing political forces”.

Castillo was removed by Congress From Peru Last December 7 “Moral Impairment” by a Presidential Vacancy Movement.

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