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2021 left many changes in the routines of the home, the study of your children and your work underwent a totally different turn. This year the education modality varies depending on how the school or work indicates it, your children study in a hybrid way or totally online and many times we are not prepared to create that ideal space for them or for us.

Don’t worry, your friends at CEMACO are preparing to give you simple tips that will help create that ideal space that your children need to study.

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The first step is to avoid distractions, choose a place with privacy, a good table, a suitable chair, excellent ventilation, ideal lighting, a wall color according to the style and taste of your children and the necessary elements for the study area. Take note!

choose a place

A basic rule to create your study space at home will be to decide the location based on the light. In the mornings the lighting should be intense and natural; because your body needs to stop the production of melatonin (sleep-regulating hormone) and the most effective way to do it is with sunlight.

The air must circulate

You must ensure that this space you choose to study or work should not be close to any appliance that produces heat or makes you feel uncomfortable. If they have already chosen a window for lighting, make sure that it is also useful for maintaining a constant current; this so that it avoids the storage of odors and allows the air to be renewed all the time.

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color in the room

Dl suitable tone on the walls, allows a good concentration and harmony. We recommend you not to use intense and warm colors, it is best to use cool colors like green, as it helps to concentrate and feel relaxed.


The connection with nature is important, for the workflow to work properly, the plants function as an oxygen factory that eliminates the concentration of harmful gases in the environment and adds a much-needed green touch to any space for study or work. .

The chair and the desk

If you should definitely invest in something, it is in the correct choice of a chair and desk. You should choose an ergonomic chair, preferably with arms and height adjustments. If you study or work at any table, make sure that the monitor is exactly below the line of sight, when you or your children are in front of the monitor, the back must be straight and both the elbows and hands are located at the height of the keyboard so as not to bend the wrists while working.

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