“Court orders discharge of Fernando Rosa; he can’t keep paying”| Daily list

A judge of the Second Collegiate Court of the National District ordered the removal of the electronic device from Fernando Rosa, the defendant involved in the Antibulpo case, in which the main figure is Alexis Medina Sánchez, the brother of former President Danilo Medina.

Carmen Magalis Medina, the former president’s sister, was also watching Rosa Termination of house arrest. It was unveiled last December.

Justice Claribel Niwar argued the decision The device was too expensive and Fernando Rosa had drawbacks Funds for its maintenance.

Also, the Magistrate Both the accused were placed under house arrestAfter considering that the assumptions which led to the imposition of the measure continue to be the same and the arguments advanced are insufficient for variation.

“They don’t fit the variation of house arrest,” he said.

Emery Rodríguez, Fernando’s lawyer, said they achieved the main task, which was to remove the electronic device from his client. The court made the decision after finding it “excessive”.As a citizen he must pay for his own arrest.

According to the amount provided by the attorney, the defendant must pay $2,000 to deposit the shirt and 520 dollars a month, paid by Rosa’s daughtersAs all his bank accounts were frozen.

Fernando Rosa, ordered to end house arrest and electronic shackles unless shackles are removed, andIt has a range of operations from Santo Domingo to Santiago de los CaballerosHis native province.

Within its arguments, Rosa’s bar argued that the reason Couldn’t accompany wife to medical appointmentsAlso it is impossible for him to attend the company where they have sought services as a consultant in person.

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The judge invited him to speak in person with his employers as counsel. So you can do it from your residence. Likewise, regarding the inconvenience caused by him in transportation and transfer from his residence in Santiago de los Caballeros to the court, he said that the State is obliged to provide him with basic facilities.

Rosa protested this decision, however, she said “One always expects more”, “justice is done”.

Upon leaving, prosecutor Myrna Ortiz, Freckle’s case coordinator and the Public Ministry’s representative in the case, said the judge rejected the plea and that the prosecution was ready to proceed with the Antibulpo case. Next September 11.

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