Bolsonaro describes the results of the first round as “a great victory”.

(CNN) — Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro announced on Monday thread on his Twitter account In it he celebrated the results of the country’s first presidential round and pointed out that he had a “more transparent vote” “for and against everyone” than in the 2018 elections.

“Almost 2 million more votes! We elected more representatives to the House and Senate, which is our top priority,” the president wrote.

Bolsonaro continued his book without criticizing Brazil’s electoral system or disparaging the electronic voting system. Precisely, something he did often during his campaign, it drew criticism across the country.

Bolsonaro described the results as “the biggest victory of the patriots in the history of Brazil”, with the desire to achieve a second government as president.

“We elected governors in the first round in 8 states, and in this second round we will elect our allies in another 8 states. This is the biggest victory of the patriots in the history of Brazil: 60% of the Brazilian territory will be governed. People who defend our values ​​and fight for a free country,” said Bolsonaro.

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However, the president criticized polling stations in his tweet, suggesting they were influencing a large section of the population with “lies”.

“Many were disillusioned with the lies spread by the polling stations, which made the first round completely depressing. All predictions have gone wrong and they are already the biggest losers in these elections. We defeated that lie and now we’re going. Victory.” election,” Bolsonaro added.

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“This dispute will not only decide who will take office for the next four years. This dispute will determine our identity, our values ​​and how the world and God see us. Let’s fight for freedom, for justice, for ourselves. For the children and for Brazil,” he added.

In a show of great confidence, Bolsonaro reminded his followers that “he has not lost an election” and confirmed that this will not be a case, as he says he is ready for a “marathon”.

“We know the extent of our responsibility and the challenges we face. But we know where we want to go and how we will do it. By God’s grace I have never lost an election, and I know it will not happen now. , When Brazil’s freedom depends on us, we will do it. ,” the president said.

“Our enemies are only prepared for the 100-meter race, we are prepared for the marathon. We will fight for the country, for the family, for life, for freedom, for freedom, with faith and strength. God’s will,” Bolsonaro concluded.

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