After the judge suspended his passport, Bolsonaro spent two nights at the Hungarian embassy in Brasilia.

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro gestures in front of his home in Brasilia on Feb 22, 2024. REUTERS/Adriano Machado/

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro spent two nights at the Hungarian Embassy in Brasilia.The newspaper made the news on Monday after a judge suspended his passport in February in the framework of an investigation into his government's attempted coup. The New York Times.

The newspaper published closed-circuit TV images showing Bolsonaro arriving at the Hungarian embassy in Brazil and satellite images showing the car carrying the former president to the European country's diplomatic mission parked there from February 12 to 14.

He NYT He characterized the episode as “an apparent attempt to gain asylum”. If the former president was in the Hungarian embassy and the justice system ordered his arrest, federal police agents could not enter the premises to arrest him. That place is outside the jurisdiction of the Brazilian authorities.

Bolsonaro is an ally of the far-right Hungarian prime minister. Victor Orban, with whom he has exchanged public acclaim in the past. The two met during the Argentine president's inauguration in Buenos Aires late last year. Javier M.

In a statement, the former president's security confirmed that Bolsonaro stayed at the Hungarian embassy for two days after receiving an invitation to “maintain contacts with the authorities of a friendly country”.

“Any other interpretation beyond the information conveyed here is an obvious work of fiction, unrelated to the reality of the facts and is practically another list of 'fake news',” says the letter signed by lawyer Paolo Amador. da Cunha Bueno, Daniel Bettamio Tesser and Fábio Wajngarten.

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The Hungarian embassy in Brasilia did not immediately respond to a request for comment Reuters.

For their part, Bolsonaro's lawyers said this Monday that the former Brazilian president “stayed for two days” as a guest at the Hungarian embassy. Talk to the country's officials about politicsThey insisted that any other explanation, such as seeking asylum, was “fiction”.

“Any other interpretation beyond the information provided here is a clear work of fiction, unrelated to the reality of the facts and is practically another piece of fake news,” the lawyers said.

FILE PHOTO: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro attend the inauguration of Argentine President Javier Millay in front of the National Congress on December 10, 2023 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian/File Photo

In various meetings, Bolsonaro proposed a coup to the commanders of the armed forces. By canceling the 2022 elections, as the former army chief said in a statement published on March 15 by local media.

The far-right leader proposed different legal mechanisms at the Alvorada Palace, the president's official residence in Brasilia, with army, air force and navy chiefs on December 7, 2022, shortly before leaving power. The desire to remain in power.

This was revealed by the then military chief, Marco Friar Gomes, in a statement he gave before the Federal Police on March 1, the content of which was leaked to the country's most important media outlets this Friday.

Gomez's testimony was given in the framework of an ongoing investigation by the Supreme Court into an alleged coup attempt to reverse Bolsonaro's election defeat and prevent the inauguration of the current president, progressive Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. January 1, 2023.

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Eight days later, thousands of Bolsonaro activists attacked the headquarters of the three branches of government in an attempt to lead the military to overthrow the government.

During the investigation, officers discovered “Existence of Indications for Insertion of False Data on Vaccination Against Covid-19” Regarding the then president of Brazil who ruled between 2019 and 2022.

As stated in the official records Bolsonaro has always hated the impact of Covid And raised doubts about the efficacy of vaccines, He received two doses at an outpatient clinic, but there is no evidence that he was there on the designated days.

Those posts were later deleted under the claim that it was a “mistake”. The same thing happened, on different dates, with the former president's daughter Laura, 13 years old.

They uploaded Incorrect vaccination data Then, theoretically, they were deleted to eliminate traces of “criminal conduct,” according to the police.

Research indicates that The former president had “full knowledge” of the “fraudulent insertion of vaccine data.” stay “Fold” in the face of such a crime.

(With information from Reuters)

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