Correos de Cuba excuses parcel delivery delays and this is how customers respond

The trade group Correos de Cuba has issued an explanation of the delay in the delivery of international parcels and the lack of time for comments.

Although the company assures that most customers are justified in their complaints, they outline a series of justifications as to why packages do not reach their recipients on the island on time.

“Many customers report that postal or parcel operators in countries of origin expect final shipments to arrive in Cuba within a week or 10-15 days. The truth is that this will not always be the case,” they said in a statement.

“The time it takes to process shipments from the country of origin to Cuba is not always the same, some take days, others weeks, and others, unfortunately, can take even longer,” they point out.

Once again, the business team washed their hands and pointed to third parties they had agreements with and were using to generate revenue.

“International shipments are the responsibility of the postal operator of the sender’s country of origin. We cannot provide customers with information on international shipments until the shipment arrives and is registered with the Cuba Post system,” they argue.

Cuba’s post office packages

More than once, the trade group has said it can’t respond to packages sent to Cuba until they show up on its tracker.

“Many customers track shipping codes Cuban Post Tracker And they claim that the shipment was sent X time ago and the code is not registered.

And they have once again mentioned that the time it takes for packages to arrive at their offices varies greatly. It depends on the packages released by the airport and customs authorities of Jose Marti International Airport or Mariel Port, so that the Cuban Post Office can take them to the Office of International Exchange (OCI) of the International News and Exchange Organization. (EMCI).

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Until this last step occurs, Correos de Cuba will not register shipments in its system, They explain. As if that wasn’t enough, the company defends itself against criticism by pointing out that “delaying packages in warehouses, yards or containers creates additional costs for EMCI and, in addition, affects the salaries of its workers.”

Apparently, they also mentioned obstacles like “blockade” and “financial and fuel limitations”.

Review of Corrios de Cuba

Despite the justifications, many customers commented on their experiences.

“With trains not breaking down every 4 days, I cannot imagine a national export not reaching its maximum target in 15 days. There is no explanation for this other than a lack of administrative management,” said user Ariannis Romero Rojas.

“They spend more time in Cuba than they do going to Cuba, or you forget about it monitoring You know when it’s coming,” Sosa Lea said.

For his part, Leont Ruiz Morales reported that “a package has been at the International Transfer Office since September 22 and it is unlikely that the Sancti Spiritus has had no fuel to carry it for more than a month.” “They need to take more measures because many people are waiting for the medicines they need for their health,” he added.

Corrios de Cuba, a business group that invoices millions each year according to its own publications, continues to draw criticism for its inefficiency.

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