The PRT will decide on a presidential candidate in November

The Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) will define its presidential candidate Next November.

This information was given by the president of the party, Miguel Vargas Maldonado, during a tour. Santo Domingo East and San Cristobal.

Vargas reiterated that PRD members are focused on strengthening the party and running their own candidates at different levels for the next elections in 2024.

“Whoever comes to talk about Alliance, tell him to go somewhere elseWe are working to bring our own candidates at all levels”, asserted the leader of the political party.

He also clarified“This is not the time to talk about alliances. The PRT’s rallying cry is that we carry our own candidates in congressional, municipal and presidential elections.

“We will be a presidential candidate in November,” the former foreign minister said.


In 2004 the presidential candidate presided over the swearing-in of the reconstituted party leadership in San Cristóbal.

He congratulated the local leadership of the PRD for the reconstruction work and encouraged the fundamentals. Ready to accept local nominations in every demarcation of the province.

“The PRD is ready to take its own candidates to every corner of the country, and San Cristóbal is not exempt from such a mission,” he said.

He was accompanied on the tour by a delegation from the National Directorate of the Party led by Doña Peggy Cabral, consisting of Amancia de la Cruz, Arnoldo Pimentel, Hector Guzmán and Bernardo Arroyo.

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