Congress protected the new Tigres stadium to avoid a repeat of the Yucatan or Verona case

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If legal and construction deadlines are not complied with, the concession of 44 thousand square meters of land may be cancelled.

Congress of Nuevo Leon secured the new stadium TigersTo avoid recurrence of cases Yucatan One Verona, ItalyThe company responsible for constructing the stadium, Ball gameDue to the stadium construction projects, they could not be started.

“In fact, part of what is provisionally approved is that they have to inform the state congress, the legal acts and the construction, there must be a calendar and they must know. Do not proceed as has happened in other places,” commented Mauro Molano, Ban deputy and head of the Urban Development Commission, in an interview. ESPNIt was in charge of reviewing loan requests made by the Governor of Nuevo Leon.

In favor of the company, 44 thousand square meters of land was approved as a loan Ball gameInterim articles were added, in which the Congress of Nuevo León demanded from the institution a calendar of activities, which must be observed lest the concession be revoked.

University Stadium, the current home of the recently crowned champions Tigres.Imago7

“That’s why we wanted to put those intermediates, to be careful in that sense, that situation does not happen. Now we are really waiting, we already thought that we will see the start of construction, today, we are waiting,” commented BAN Vice President Mauro Molano.

During the approval process for commoditization of land for new ground TigersThe applicants promised that construction of the property would not require public investment and the Congress of Nuevo León said that the use of public resources would have to be authorized by Congress if that status were to change.

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“We also recognize that if public resources are used, they must go through Congress,” commented Mauro Molano. “We want to be clear and be unambiguous, be clear, be transparent and if it says that public resources are needed, it must be justified, it must be of interest and benefit to society.”

Regarding the private investors participating in the Nuevo Leon stadium project, it was recognized that they are not yet known, and the concession of up to 60 years was given under the rationale that this method would help generate income. Investment.

“In the request they sent to us, they say they are going to manage the resources privately, that’s why they’re asking us for an almost 60-year concession to get a return on investment. They clearly said it’s going to be with private resources, that’s why we were careful, if they want public resources, they need congressional approval. “No, not yet, definitely not,” he explained, about whether the identities of the merchants participating in the program were known.

The cases of Balcam, Yucatan and Verona, Italy

Ball game A Mexican company announced the construction Grounds Inside Yucatan And inside Verona, ItalyHowever, work could not be started on two sites.

Governor on September 9, 2020 YucatanMauricio Vila Dosal announced the construction of a multifunctional stadium with the help of the company. ball game, But, even after three years, the work could not be started. A year ago, in 2019, he also appeared Verona, ItalyThe construction of a new property for local football teams, a project that has yet to materialize.

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To prevent this from happening again in Nuevo Leon with the new stadium TigersThe concession of 44 thousand square meters of land could be revoked if the ball game is monitored by the local congress and legal and construction deadlines are not met.

“The governor, in his last statements, said he was ready, and if Congress approved it, he would start building. We are already waiting for the construction of the new stadium Tigers”, commented Mauro Molano, Vice President of the Urban Development Commission.

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