Journalist helps missing Argentina fan in Qatar: “I don’t know where I live”

During a live broadcast on Argentina’s Dodo Noticias channel on November 21, a journalist approached a fan from his country who, unable to contact a Qatari taxi driver, took him to his accommodation.

The contact spoke to the driver, who explained that he needed a place to put it on the map, so he asked his companion: “Did you give him the address?”, his response was hilarious: “I don’t know. Where I live. I’m with you, I’m not going to leave. I’m scared. , I don’t have an address, I don’t have anything. I did everything wrong today.”

Both the reporter and the drivers in the studio started laughing, and one of them commented: “How beautiful this moment is.”

“He has mattresses but he doesn’t have my address, he’s a genius,” continued the fan, to which the reporter questioned him on how he guided him, and he recounted: “I sit down and say to him: ‘pipi, take me to my house”, to which The woman asked him if he was in Spanish, to which he said: “I don’t know English, idiot, if I knew English I’d be in Miami”.

The reporter offered to help him, he saw his companion’s address and approached the driver to explain to him, who asked him to send it to him via WhatsApp; While recording, the driver waved to the camera and told them that Argentina would win, which did not materialize.

Already with that number, the girl asked the fan for the address, and he didn’t know how to send it, so he took out his phone to get it. In the videos shared by TN, the outcome was not seen, however, local media confirmed that the man took off in a taxi, determined to reach his accommodation.

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