“Conflict will lead us to a stalemate”

Chinese President Xi Jinping warned on Monday that it would lead to a “stalemate” against the “new Cold War” in a video message to the World Economic Forum in Davos. AcerPress.

Without naming the United States, Xi Jinping presented himself as a defender of multilateralism and globalization, as he did in the forum four years before Donald Trump came to power.

The news of the Chinese leader coming within a week of Trump’s successor Joe Biden being installed at the White House seems to be a warning not to pursue Trump’s policy of presenting China as a rival number. America 1, especially in terms of business and technology. The French press writes that the Beijing regime in particular fears that Biden may try to unite the West against him.

“The creation of clans or the start of a new Cold War, the rejection, intimidation or intimidation of others, the disruption of supply chains or the imposition of sanctions to isolate will push the world into division and conflict,” G said. Jinping. “Further conflict will lead us to a stalemate,” he added.

The Chinese president promised that Beijing, as an independent and peaceful foreign policy pursuit, would “work hard to maintain friendly and cooperative relations with other countries” and not a “zero sum” or “winner takes everything” sports philosophy. Guiding the Chinese people, Xinhua noted.

He called on the multilateralists, but also against the “electoral diversity”, insisting that “once established rules must be followed by all” and called on the international community to work together. “We have once again shown that protectionist, one-sided and arrogant isolationist approaches always fail,” G said.

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