Conan Rona opens a new space in Los Tempos

Members of the Conan Runa Folklore Ensemble have inaugurated a space dedicated to artists and eminent personalities from Cochabamba and Bolivia. Dara Calostro in Close the Times He spoke with the talented young people and told some of their stories and experiences from their first trips as a musical group.

Elmer Hermosa Jr. said, “Before doing folk, I played rock, played electric guitar in a few groups, and a year ago this anxiety about making a folk group woke me up, and I took it very seriously.” 20 singers from the group.

Between the laughs and the nerves, the artists opened up so people would know a bit more about the group’s origins, their future projects, but they also performed a few songs by the Kjarkas and “Sad Love” of their own composition.

Elmer Jr. said the group initially had several names, but as presentations became more frequent he saw the need to adopt an official name and asked his father, Elmer Hermosa, to christen the group.

“I told him, Dad, I want to start a folk band,” and he said, “Wow, but you’re a rocker” (laughs). But I have this concern and I would like to be a folk group and I was already forming it with Harold and we had many names we gave to the group like that by the way (…). I told my dad to name us as a group and he said, “We already have the Chilagaton brothers and you’re going to be another generation of our family making music,” which is why they called us Conan Runa, which means “men of the day.”

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