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The organization rejected claims that it was a split attempt to disrupt the movement.

In a statement, on the night of November 11, the Federation of Indigenous Peoples of Ecuador (GONE) recognized its support for a report on Pandora’s documents prepared by the Constituent Assembly’s Constitutional Guarantees Commission. The Republican Guillermo Lasso, under the law of the Code of Conduct, prohibits candidates and public officials from holding property and money in tax havens for the elected office.

Similarly, the tribal organization reaffirmed its support for the commission’s chairman, legislator Fernando Kabaskango, and for legislators who voted in favor of the report.

Pandora Documents: Guillermo rejects relationship with Lasso Britton Trust, Liberty US Trust, Panici SA and Panici Holding SA

“We will be aware of the opaque deals that can be made by some legislators who have allowed themselves to be subjugated to the great interests of political and economic power. Legislators who have leveled allegations of irregular administration in the construction of the report should check the irresponsible statements of a kind of sabotage and outlawing of work carried out, ”he warned.

The federation condemned the political persecution of community leaders and individuals who played a key role in the investigation into Pandora’s roles.

Pancada de Pachakutik is divided by the Pandora Papers report

We reject the divisive attempts to destabilize Connie and the popular and pluralist front, which has insisted on non-compliance with President Laszlo’s ethical agreement (…) and once again urges the President. A ruler must go to the National Assembly to confront the country with its citizens, ”Connie said. (I)

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