Complaints and frustration after the delay in entering the Bad Bunny concert: “I’m selling ticket offices, I’m leaving”

Frustration and chaos prevailed Friday night at the entrance to the “P FKN R” concert. Bad rabbit At Hiram Bithorn Stadium, an event announced to start at 8:00 pm, but did not start until almost three hours later, but hundreds of spectators were in line.

After some fans waited more than 12 hours for the music event to start with two activities, many returned to social networks to point out flaws in the integration of the activity.

In fact, the inconvenience caused by the concert delay led the audience to sell their tickets and leave the company.

New day Can check that Hundreds of people were still queuing under the tent, and dozens more could be seen leaving Hiram Pithorn Grounds: “I sell all three lockers, I go.”.

Similarly, frustration led to many, cThey reach the finish line and they find a way to get inside and jump over the fences.

On the other hand, visitors reported that after a long wait, people fainted and saw themselves crowded with others.

Dizzy girl. Many took her out of line and carried her over the fence. No one emerges from a medical emergency. Someone came from the security and did nothing“An Internet user wrote on his Twitter account.

According to Benjamin Torres Cotte of El Niவோo Dia, a spokesman for the concert organization reported that “more than six people” fainted and called for a physical distance from the stage.

Similarly, a young woman named Andrea Maria pointed out that this event was “the worst system I have ever seen in my life”.

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“There are no lines, no fences, the ‘health’ tents are full of people and there are no lights. If someone faints or something happens, there is no way to be in the middle,” he said.

Similarly, a young man used the same social platform and expressed that “the crowd is too big to get in there”.

“They hung up the logistics of the event,” he said.

Named “Staffordless” on Twitter, it was pointed out by a video that he left the long queue following the only checkpoint to access the concert venue.

“Everyone was in a crowd to enter. If anyone out there is panicking, they will die, ”said the Internet user, hoping to enter the stadium later.

There are those who have already announced that they will be selling ticket offices for tomorrow’s show, after the rapper’s fans still face problems.

“Get two lockers per day (not in the sand), interested in DM”, revealed the user under the name “guillo”.

Primara Hora and El Niவோo Thea have both demanded a response from the Bad Bunny production team, but so far they have not responded to requests.

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