Commentator Champion Hikaru Shita’s Spanish pronunciation of WWE’s main rival in Spanish


1 June 2021 02:17 GMT

The incident happened during the broadcast of the AEW Dynamite project, when Willie Arbina, unaware that he was live, imitated the AEW Women’s World Champion.

Willy Arpina, a Spanish-language commentator for wrestling company All Elite Wrestling, was fired after mocking the Japanese accent of militant Hikaru Shita during an AEW dynamite show that aired last Friday.

During a business break, host Alex Abrahandes asked Arbina to translate the speech of the AEW Women’s World Champion, making Shida look funny by following his Asian accent uniformly, not knowing his microphone was still working.

Tasha Kuret and Thunder Rosa also took part in the teaser. “Shut up,” Rosa told her partner, joking about throwing the pen at him if he didn’t stop. “You speak English, how bad you are,” Curat said.

Following that, Tony Khan, president of the American Wrestling Association, apologized to the Japanese wrestler and confirmed that the commentator who had worked at Impact Wrestling had been fired.

“I do not think there was any reason, I was not happy. Then I listened to what I had to say, taking into account our other commenters involved, to whom I apologized. He said During a press conference after a double or nothing event last Sunday.

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