Comedian reveals who started yelling at Kim Kardashian during Tom Brady's roast

KI was a Kardashian One of the celebrities who attended As soon as he took the stage for the Tom Brady comedy roast that aired on Netflix a few weeks ago, he was booed by the entire room. The billionaire socialite from California didn't start her collection and wait until her hatred for her was angrier herself.

Kim Kardashian didn't have a good time during the event

After the event, news of the head of the Kardashian clan's outburst spread around the world, and we found out what happened after comedian Nicky Glaser, who took part in the TB12 roast, confirmed that one of the guests was having fun. It was that event that started the worship.

This person is a comedian, known for starting trouble at public events. It's hard to know who it is, but people on the internet believe it's Tony Hinchcliffe. However, it is not confirmed who it is.

however, Nikki Glaser was on a podcastIt was called 'lean but not fat'. Because before they knew who started the feud, people started blaming Swifties for Kardashian's ongoing feud with the singer-songwriter.

That's what Nikki said.”Apparently, the rant started as a joke. He must have drunk too much or something, and he wasn't associated with the Swifties or anything, and it was like saying poo in the air, And everyone seemed very annoyed. A little breezy, but it has a swifty undertone. I have good information that it is not based on that. As I was, it didn't feel like a huge Swifty crowd, but it didn't feel like there was a vibe in the room. The person who started it did it as a joke and it really caught on, but I was very happy to learn that he wasn't a Swifty native.E.” he concluded.

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