Colos vs Sivas (2-2): Guadalajara defended the decision

The Sivas They were saved from losing their attendance Guerrero, From the 94th minute, Miguel Bones They came out with a good point, keeping the final 2-2 Corrigidora Stadium.

In a meeting where concessions and defensive defeats were repeated, Guadalajara saved the team from defeat at the time of compensation.

With one more point, Not a good night in Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Because there were 2 box failures in 2 goals, this is the headache that comes with them in 2021.

There was something in 2 goals, he failed at first Alejandro Mallorca, A brand error for a second, but Holy flock Making a mistake in security was very costly to him.

The Cocks They came from 3 duels without success, They lost 3-0 in the last match against Masatlin FC, So they wanted to give it a mental blow.

The competition started and Sivas First warning and in the 5th minute, Captain, Jesus Molina The goal is completed Curatoro.

The next play was a goal from Guadalajara. Jose Juan Maccas Covering a long pass, Colos hit Blancos, However, it was canceled from the spot.

2 Following the arrival of Roseblancus Uriel Antuna Y Antonio Prisso They could score 27 ‘and 29’ respectively, and then the locals opened the scores.

Again, a defensive mistake played a perverse game against Sivas. This time it was on the left back, Alejandro Mallorca, Who has failed twice before Kevin Ramirez, Uruguayan touched Hugo Silveira, He fired close to the post and knocked down Raul Gudino 1-0 for 37 runs.

45 ‘It seemed that they were going to rest until a genius came from Makkas. Guadalajara striker Alexis Vega defines a tacito in the pass Thus place 1-1.

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Everything was fine for Shivas till 75 ‘, Kevin Ramirez Won an aerial ball to Antonio Prisso With one head he made it 2-1 Curatoro. The ball came through a free kick that was charged Eric Vera.

While the final whistle was expected, the last play came to Sivas, where Priseno ended with a title Ponce then did it in the same play and advanced to the final 2-2.

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